22-25 Sep 2015 Stuttgart (Germany)

Ice Breaker Event

Ice Breaker Event

For those who already arrive on Tuesday we organized an Ice Breaker Event. This will give you the opportunity to get to know each other in advance and literally “break the ice”.
The event is planned as a very informal evening. However, we would like to include a short wind energy related game at the beginning. You can be curious!

The Ice Breaker Event will take place at “Café Faust”. “Café Faust” is a bar operated on a voluntary, non-profit basis by students of the University of Stuttgart. It is located on the downtown campus of the University of Stuttgart.

Two drinks per person will be free. Any additional drinks can be purchased at a very low price.

Please be aware that there are TWO University of Stuttgart campus locations! The downtown campus is not the same as the Vaihingen campus where presentations will take place the day after.

The Ice Breaker Event will start at 19:30 (7:30 PM) on Tuesday, September 22.


Directions to the Ice Breaker Event:

Since the downtown campus has a very central location, you can walk to “Café Faust” or take a bus in case you went shopping or sightseeing before the event.

The address is:

Café Faust

Geschiwster-Scholl-Straße 34c
70174 Stuttgart


If you would like to take the train or subway, please follow the instructions below:


Via train (S-Bahn) from the airport or Vaihingen University:


Via subway (U-Bahn):


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